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Night with Greatness

On Wednesday, April 6th, sports and business leaders came together in Scottsdale for “A Night of Greatness” to illuminate the urgent need for a new system of international adoption so more orphaned and abandoned children around the world can have the benefit of a permanent, loving family. The special event was held at the new Parc Central Restaurant and Lounge at the Scottsdale Quarter.

Arizona Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt, was host of this special evening, the first fundraiser of the Both Ends Burning Campaign. The campaign is a compelling new social movement to transform the broken system of international adoption, which is failing kids who need families. Both ends of the adoption spectrum are burning: Orphans, because they have an unmet right to a family and adoptive families, because they are blocked by a system that is too costly, too bureaucratic, and too fraught with delays.

The evening included live music by Dawn Jameson, a live auction for unique experiences with noted sports and business greats (for a list of auction items, follow this link), and an exciting raffle benefiting the campaign. Donations may be made at

“The purpose of the special evening is to get as many great people as possible into one room to champion the cause of parentless children”, said Craig Juntunen, founder of the Both Ends Burning Campaign. “Having all these great business and sports successes together in one place in support of adoption will provide strong forward momentum for the initiative to create a new system that truly serves children who need families,” said Juntunen, author of Both Ends Burning: My Story of Adopting Three Children from Haiti.

For more information about the campaign visit

Len’s art supports campaign efforts

The donation of Lucid a 30 X 40 original piece was donated by Len for the events silent auction.
Leonard Morales Jr. - Abstract Fine Artist

Len Morales Jr. - Abstract Fine Artist
Parc Central Restaurant and Lounge | 15279 North Scottsdale Rd. | Scottsdale, AZ | 85260